This is MARVELUS Water

This fine, sparkling water brings you clean refreshment originating from a pristine source in the heart of Florida. 

This is crystal sunshine and cooling shade in one sip…

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Your home deserves Marvelus water… Now you can order Marvelus to be delivered direct to your door!

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Pure Artesian

Marvelus is from a pristine source. Originating from an artesian aquifer in Florida.

Mineral Rich

Marvelus is naturally mineral rich. An extraordinary mineral profile yields a smooth taste.

Uniquely American

Marvelus is an American company with a premium American water that rivals the finest mineral waters of the world.

What Makes it Marvelus…

MARVELUS is gathered from its source in the United States from a protected artesian aquifer that flows deep underground below the Ocala National Forest.  Here, between two of Florida’s top-magnitude springs and amid the pristine protection of the largest sand-pine ecosystem in the world, flows an artesian well of the highest quality.

pH                         8.0

Calcium                 39

Magnesium           15

Potassium            2.3

Sodium                 68

Silica                    7.8

Minerality (tds)    451

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You deserve Marvelus water… Now you can order Marvelus to be delivered direct to your door!

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